My First Wedding Present!*

Last week there was a ridiculously good deal on Gilt for a 12-piece set of pots and pans for $230–including shipping.  I debated whether to buy them or not, but considering we had a $800 10-piece set sitting on our registry at William Sonoma, I figured this deal was too good to pass. Plus, we’ll need cookware when we move to our new apartment in January, so it works out perfectly! I’ve never had really nice cookware–just assortments of hand-me-downs. They were delivered to my parent’s house and this past weekend and I peaked into the box. They’re so shiny and nice!

What kind of cookware do you use? Stainless steel? Copper? Aluminum? Non-stick?

*Is it still considered a wedding present if the bride and groom buy it? :)

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  • My wife and I love cooking. We have all kinds of pots for different purposes: stainless, non stick, cast iron, etc. It depends really what kind of stuff you cook. But I think stainless still are the most versatile and the only kind I would buy if I had to buy only one kind.

  • pretty! i have no clue what kind of cookware i use, i bought whatever was on sale. although apparently my pots suck, because both my mom and mother in law told me so. maybe we’ll work on that for christmas…?

  • yay! congrats! i say it counts. it’s a gift for your new life together :)
    we use a mix of stainless, non-stick and creuset. Just depends on what we’re cooking! really we use the non-stick more than anything…because things just don’t stick :)

  • I personally want to build an all stainless still cookware set. Your set looks so good. I also have an assortment of pots and pans that me and my bf collected over time so to have a perfect, shiny, new set would make me really really happy.

    I am right now saving up to my dream set.

    Love from Toronto, Canada

    P.S: Your new home sounds absolutely perfect and for that price, it IS a dream come true, you can not even find that in Toronto suburbs.