Bridal Bootcamp: Week Three

Yesterday marked the middle of my bridal bootcamp schedule, and I must say I’m a little disappointed with the first half. But I need to keep myself honest, so here are my results from last week:

Three Week Thoughts:

1. I sound like a broken record, but work has been crazy busy for the last, oh let’s say three months, and last week was no exception. This week things have calmed down a little bit, so hopefully this trend will continue through the holidays. :)

2. In case you are wondering, Yes: my push-ups are girl push-ups. Maybe one day I’ll be able to do the real kind, but until my arm muscle can handle that kind of weight, it’s girl push-ups all the way.

3. I usually hate Daylight Savings because it’s so dark when I leave work. But since I only get a chance to run in the mornings, I am so thankful that it is finally light again! There’s nothing more depressing than waking up in the dark and going for a cold run in the morning.

4. Every morning I run it’s been so cold that I sound like I have bronchitis in my lungs for the following hours. Thankfully when we move into our new apartment there will be a gym I can use for free! (More details on that later!)

How are your workouts going?

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  • I still think you’re doing pretty awesome! I wish I could run 2 miles :S (or 3.2 kilometers… omg that makes it sound even harder!)
    Anyways, I’m sure you have a lot more energy now and things are fitting better, so you’re still ahead, right?

  • You’re really inspiring. Hope you don’t mind that I’ve linked to you on my blog and started recording my own efforts. It’s so hard to keep it up now that it’s so cold! All I want to do is curl up in my duvet and eat comfort food rather than stick to healthy stuff and go out for a run~