We found an apartment!

Since my roommate is kicking me out getting married in January, J and I have been looking for an apartment that I will live in at the end of December and he will join me after we get married in April. (We’re traditional like that.)  We put together a mock newlywed budget to see what we could afford, researched different areas in between our two jobs, and made a list of the best complexes. After a lengthy and detailed spreadsheet, we narrowed it down to one apartment complex and two different layouts that varied just a bit in price.

Last Saturday we went to view the layouts and both completely fell in love with our apartment. It’s fabulous. In fact, the since I called two weeks ago, the price for our unit decreased by $80 a month, so it was even more of a confirmation that this would be our new home.

It is has everything we want:

  • a balcony
  • two bedrooms
  • two bathrooms
  • air conditioning
  • third floor
  • office nook
  • garbage disposal
  • fitness center
  • community pool
  • community jacuzzi
  • vaulted ceilings
  • lots of windows
  • washer/dryer
  • dishwasher
  • eat-in kitchen
  • free parking
  • fantastic area

It almost seems too good to be true. Especially at $830 per month. That price in DC would buy me just a tiny little studio… it’s so nice to be back in the South. :) 

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  • Wow, that sounds amazing! I’ve been looking for an apartment in the Triangle area and haven’t found one that’s both cheap enough and out of the scary places, but you give me hope :)

  • Congratulations on finding an apartment. Wow! You certainly know how to make a decision. That is a skill that could be put to great use in the corporate world.
    I just got married 4 months ago. I agree, living separately before marriage is the way to go. It is nice to have something saved for marriage.
    Good luck in the new place!

  • wow that’s an amazing price for what you get. I personally can’t justify spending that money on renting when it could go on a mortgage, but congrats.

  • Congrats! I’m so jealous. That would cost me about $1800 – $2000 where I am in San Diego. Ugh… depressing. Great job though! Enjoy your new place :-)

  • You are right, at that price in DC you’d be lucky to live in someone’s closet! Sounds like an awesome apartment! I don’t end up moving back home to the midwest within the next 5 years, I’m heading south! (The DC area is slowly killing me!)

  • Wow, that sounds amazing! I would never be able to get anything that amazing in NYC for less than $2000 a month easy maybe I should consider moving to the south…

  • Indeed! I live in the DC metro area and boy is rent high here… then again before DC I lived with my parents in NYC… *sigh* This is me going where I find a job and trying to be close to public transportation. I will live vicariously through you; high-five on this great find, God is good! :-)