Seeking Rest

Life lately has been, in a word, exhausting. Work is demanding, wedding plans are overwhelming, and since I’m about to move for the second time this year, my atmosphere is in a state of limbo since this place doesn’t feel like “home” anymore. I found out the other day that we get the entire week off from Christmas to New Year’s (thank you CEO!) so with some extra vacation days, I decided to take yesterday and today off. It was one of the best decisions.¬†Yesterday I shopped, today I organized, and tomorrow and Sunday I plan to rest.¬†Here’s hoping you find some rest this weekend as well. :)

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  • We’re currently getting dumped on with 6-8 inches of snow today, so it will be a restful weekend of staying in and staying warm!

  • I’m glad you got some rest! I was constantly stressed while planning a wedding, even though I attempted to stay sane and keep it low key. It’s just hard.

    Yay for holiday shutdowns. We have that too, and it seems to be more and more common!