Bridal Bootcamp: Weeks 5 & 6

For those who don’t remember (because it’s been so freaking long!) as an effort to lose weight and get in shape for my wedding, I came up with a Bridal Bootcamp. It consists of three parts of six weeks leading up to a few weeks before my wedding. I’m quite behind on updating my bootcamp progress (I blame Thanksgiving), so here is a recap for the last two weeks of Part 1.

Part 1: Week Five

This was probably the last really good week because I ran four times. It’s been so long since this week that I don’t remember what was going on!

Part 1: Week Six

Week 6 was Thanksgiving week and unfortunately I did get a little off track. However, Thanksgiving morning my sister and I took our dog for a brisk run, which is certainly better than nothing!

The goal for Part One was simply to show up.  Mission accomplished (most of the time)! Now it’s time to get serious about this bootcamp and take it to Part Two….

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