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Having a blog is a funny thing. Readers see just a snapshot of my life, based on what I choose to disclose. It makes it very easy to be narcissistic and sometimes pretty hard to be transparent. Some of you probably have an idea of what my life is like based on the tiny little bit of information I share, yet there’s so much that you don’t know. Recently I have kept my posts pretty straightforward and impersonal, mostly due to lack of time. Everything is fine, but I feel the need to catch you guys up on the things that I have not been writing. So here are some little snippets that I want to share:

I’m moving to a new apartment the day after Christmas. I’ve never been so excited about a move as this one… not even when I was moving to be in the same town as J. That’s partly because this move will be much less stressful than the move from DC (30 minutes vs. 5 hours), and partly because I know this apartment will be Home. I haven’t felt at home in my current apartment. It has bugs in the summer and cannot keep warm in the winter. I simply cannot wait to have a place to myself for a few months and then to share it with J after we get married.

J and I are great. As each day approaches, I’m more and more excited to be married to him. He’s so sweet to me and we have such a great time hanging out together. Don’t think we have a perfect relationship though. We argue like every other couple and have disagreements like every other couple because, well, he’s a boy and I’m a girl. No matter how much we agree or appreciate each other, at the end of the day we are two different people and bring different perspectives into the relationship. And each day I feel like we are learning more and more how to communicate.

The wedding plans are coming along very well! Our invitations have arrived at my parent’s home and I cannot wait to see them! All of the bridesmaids have ordered their dress. We had our first shower a few weeks ago and it was very strange to be the center of attention receiving gifts. It felt undeserving… it’s not my birthday. I had no gift for them! What did we do to get such nice lovely presents? We got some great stuff—a Panini press, a vacuum, four of our place settings, a large salad bowl… I was told that we needed to register for more things for upcoming showers. Really? More things??

It’s funny how I never feel like talking about work on here or in my personal life. Often people ask me about how work is and I literally have to pause for a second to think of my answer. All is great though, and even though it’s busy and the workload is overwhelming at times, I still am so thankful to be working here. My company is fantastic and my coworkers are friends. I also got a nice holiday bonus, which has been added to my wedding fund to help pay for any unexpected expenses.

My bridal bootcamp is going okay. I am eager to have access to my new apartment gym where I can really get intense with my workouts (or rather, actually work out! Right now they are nonexistent!). It’s quite a challenge not eating every little sweet that is delivered to our office each day, and not eat terrible take-out when there’s nothing but condiments left in my refrigerator. I’m trying to be conscious of my health and weight, but I know once Christmas is over things will get more intense. Plus the rest of the country will be on the Resolution bandwagon, so it will be nice to have fellow health-conscious people around me!

My finances are fine. Right now I am a bit of a robot—I save automatically for the wedding, pay for bills, and try to be super stingy with my every day spending. Christmas has been expensive, but I think I will enter the new year without any regrets. The new apartment will be expensive with filling it with food and household things, but those are necessities and thankfully J will help me out with that.

I have been very distant from the PF/Blogging community lately. It’s not my intention and I wish that I had more time to devote to commenting on other blogs and joining in the conversation on Twitter. You gals and guys know who you are… I’m sorry and promise to pick that up again next year! I know all of you are forgiving and understanding… there’s just only so many hours in the day. :)

That’s all I’ve got right now. Thank you to any who reads this blog! I am not going away any time soon and appreciate your patience as quality posts have been few and far between. Please let me know if there is anything you would like to know about my life… any topics or questions you’d like me to cover in a post? I’m all ears. :)

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