2011 Goals

In years past, I would come up with my New Year’s Resolutions weeks before January 1st. I would sit down and figure out where I want to be this time next year and what kinds of things I want to accomplish. This year, however, I feel like my goals (financially, specifically) are on a stand-still until we save and pay for the wedding. I really don’t have much money to use besides the $800 that is going towards the wedding fund each month and there isn’t a lot of time before the wedding either!

So here are my 2011 goals. They may change over the course of the year, but that’s all right. :)


  • Pay for the wedding within our budget
  • Combine finances with J and create a joint account
  • Figure out new financial goals after getting married
  • Figure out retirement goals after getting married
  • Give away 10% of my income


  • Get married!
  • Have a fabulous honeymoon!
  • Start at least three traditions with J


  • Blog 12 new recipes
  • Weigh 115-120 when I get married


  • Find a church and get involved
  • Learn to do five different things with my hair
  • Buy a new camera and learn to take decent pictures
  • Get a promotion and raise at work

What are some of your 2011 Resolutions?

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