The Wedding Budget Status

Planning a wedding makes me feel so adult. It’s funny that I have the power to plan and pay for an entire wedding. I don’t feel old or mature enough for that responsibility! I first realized the power when I picked the day and paid for the venue.

I had never written a check for so much money! When I got the invitations back, that is when it REALLY sunk in. To see my name, J’s name, and the place, date and time of our wedding made it feel so real and so close. It’s going to happen! A great wedding mc in sydney is ready to make our experience, excitement, and energy more alive on that very special day!

And to make us hot under the collar from the moment we walk down the aisle, to the last dance anthem of the night, we also hired this live wedding music band here!

So here I am on the last stretch of the planning process. Just three more months and I’ll be married! We are doing pretty well on the budget, but still have a few things to nail down and pay for. Click here to see the original wedding budget and then all the dirty details.

Done and paid for:
-Invitations: Under budget by $40
-Thank you notes: Under budget by $85 (they were included in the invitation set!)
-Rings: Over budget by $168.71 (gold is so freaking expensive!)
-Venue: On budget
-Gifts for hostesses: Under budget by $14
-Dress: Under budget by $1.00… remember? :)
-Shoes: Under budget by $1.75
-Undergarments: free
-Alterations: Over budget by $80

In Progress:
-Stamps: bought Forever Stamps for thank you notes
-Reception decorations: bought a few things
-Photography: Deposit is down, the remainder is due in a month or you can just contact Portland Maternity Photographer
-Gifts for bridesmaids: Gifts are purchased, just need to get the boxes and cards

Left to Buy:
-Gift to ceremony musician
-Gift to officiant
-Gift to reception musicians
-Marriage license
-Hair and makeup

There is still a lot left to buy, but we have most of the items nailed down and should be within our budget. I’ll make sure to update the budget as we get closer to the wedding!

For all the engaged girls out there, how is your wedding budget going? :)

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  • Wow, I can’t believe how close it’s getting!! Looks like you are doing awesome on your budget. I am staying under budget on almost everything – going over about $100 on flowers and I know my alterations will be crazy expensive.

    You have to tell me how the honeymoon went when you get back!!! Like everything!! I want to be prepared when we go. I can’t believe we’re going to the same place!! :) Also, who is doing your transport to and from the airport? We still haven’t booked that …

  • Wedding budget planning is definitely one of the most stressful parts. Weddings can be so dang expensive! I read somewhere that you have to basically pick your “spurge” items and then fit the rest in your budget. For us the reception venue and photographer were our splurge items. (Actually, based on some of the prices out there, our photographer is “cheap.”) But at least once a week, my fiance and I sit down and work and re-work our budget just to make sure everything we think is going to fit, really going to fit. Maybe we’re a little paranoid? haha

  • I had no idea you had to gift all those people! I mean, it makes sense, I had just never thought about it…
    congrats on staying on budget! it must be hard!

  • How organized are you….and under budget on so many categories.
    You are going to have an awesome day.
    Perhaps when you have your bridal shower you will receive things such as A Guest Book, saving you even more.

  • I’m relatively newly engaged and am having a hard time even thinking about everything that needs to be done! It probably doesn’t help that I’m halfway around the world from where the wedding will be held :S I’ve been slowly trying to write down everything that I’ll need to budget for (does it ever end??) but I know there will be little things pop up all the time. I’m looking forward to the party though!

  • 1. Can I have that wedding dress in the picture?

    2. You are a rockstar!!! I’m going to need your help keeping my costs down… that is, when I get married (whenever that is!!).