Bridal Bootcamp Update

My new favorite loves:
1. A free gym at my apartment complex (I say free, but let’s be honest, we all know it’s a hidden cost in my rent)
2. My Fitness app on my phone (that calculates 1,200 calories per day)
3. The new carpeted apartment (where I can do push-ups and crunches much easier than hardwood floors)

With the help of these little tools I have lost three pounds in the last two weeks. Which means I am down to 124 pounds! Just four more pounds until I reach my goal!

*insert sounds of girlish squeals*

Okay, while that is great news, I confess I’ve been quite the blogging failure when it comes to updating my progress on here. Oops, sorry friends. I don’t really like the spreadsheet because it felt like a chore and really miss my colorful and visual drawings of my progress. So I’m bringing it back next week. Get excited. :)

With any luck, by March I will be down to goal of 120. *fingers crossed*

How are your fitness goals going?

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  • Just 4 pounds to go – that’s great! You can so do it by March – in fact, I’m gonna bet you’ll get there with a good month to spare!

    My fitness goals are going pretty well. All of them were made intentionally long-term, but I think I’m right on track for most of them. The barefoot running should probably wait until the snow melts, though ;P

  • You can do the three pounds. I have faith in you.

    My fitness goals are going well. I will be increasing the work-outs from four times a week to five times a week soon. I have lost 70 pounds and have another 82 pounds to go. It is a ton of work, but I am really seeing results now. I secretly want to go wedding dress shopping now that I can wear normal sizes. :) Too bad I am already married.

  • Hooray for the return of the colorful charts! You got me into exercise charts… they’re one of my resolutions now. I’ll be sure to credit you next time I post about them. Granted, my current calendar only has one X on it so far (meaning I’ve only worked out one day–eek!), but I’m motivated to change that!

  • I started bootcamp last year, & it definately helped me loose weight. Its so much easier to get motivated when it’s not just yourself working out – when theres a group. Good job!