Engagement Photos

I debated for a while showing you guys pictures from our engagement, since I try to keep my identity anonymous, but I just love sharing parts of my life with you special readers. In fact, my friends all want me to start a personal blog, now that I am getting married and apparently that’s just what couples do these days. But I just don’t know if I have the energy to keep up two blogs–especially when I have a hard enough time keeping this one up to date. I thought about taking down all of my financial information on this blog and going public, but finances really are the reason this blog started initially and I don’t know if I want to lose that part of my life. This blog keeps me accountable. Would anyone be interested in seeing more personal pictures and less financial stuff? How would you feel if this turned into a personal blog that sometimes talks about money? Hmmm.

Alright, enough rambling. Here are just a few pictures from our engagement shoot, taken in October by my lovely and talented sister.

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  • So sweet! You are bringing me back to when I did my engagement photos…..over 13 years ago!

    Always remember how you all are looking at each other….you can’t fake that. That is love. Congrats.

  • Haha, funny you should mention the personal blog thing. In case you haven’t noticed, Forest on Finance has pretty much been abandoned because I’ve been working on a personal blog for myself and Bird as a couple. I’ve been going back and forth as to whether or not to invite my finance friends over to take a look but I think I still have some more tweaking to do before I open it up. In some ways I’ll miss writing about money, but I wasn’t ever all that consistent with it anyway. So I’m voting yes for personal! And your pics look great….

  • If having at least part of this blog be about personal financial benchmarks and responsibility helps you in those areas of your life, I’d say definitely keep that part. You’ve found something that works to keep you on track, so it’s worth sticking with it. If, however, you did want to personalize it a bit more, I certainly wouldn’t complain.

    Those pictures are amazing. Today is not a good day for me and they made me grin like crazy. Thanks :) and congratulations once again!

  • Congratulations on the lovely photos. Your sister did a wonderful job.

    That said, I’ve been a long time reader of your blog and have been sorely disappointed in the content in recent months. I know it’s your blog and you can do what you want, but what drew me here was the financial aspect. Your “Pretty Pennies” was a rarity in the face of a lot of blogs that just talk about weddings, engagements, losing weight, shopping, having a baby, etc. etc. I really looked forward to your advice and expertise — I was completely inspired by your way of doing things, so much so that I began (what I initially thought was a daunting task — til you proved otherwise!) eliminating my own debt.

    While I’m happy for you and your new phase of life, I don’t think I will be reading here any more as what initial drew me in is no longer relevant, it seems. Perhaps your adventures in things financial fulfilled its purpose, so now, as you move on, it’s time for me to move on.

    Good luck! I wish you nothing but the best for your future – both in marriage & finances!

  • Your pics are so cute. I like the finance part of it, but personal stuff is good too.
    I like the combo, because it makes the story more fun to know and read about.

  • Awww! I love love love the photos.

    Make your blog whatever you want. It’s YOUR blog! I love mixing it up and learning more about the people behind the names.

  • I remember how pleased I was to read of your engagement and can,t wait to hear how the Wedding goes, so i say mix them up a bit. I will stay around.

  • love the photos. They are adorable.
    I think you should mix the ideas together. Write about money, but write more personal stuff. No point in having two blogs.

  • I love the photos, especially the one where your ring is sitting on the open page and it says “he has made me so happy.” That made me melt!

    I will continue to read no matter what you write about, but I have noticed that you have gotten more personal over the last several months and that you do not talk as much about finances. I think you should follow your heart if that’s what you want to write about, and not force yourself to do PF stuff if you’re over it! :)

  • I think adding some personal photos makes blogs more interesting and personal! Depends on your goal… are you trying to attract more readers or is it for you?

  • I’m a little late to the party here, but I love your engagement photos. They are refreshing after seeing all of my friends do the typical engagement photos.

    Also it’s your blog, so you should feel free to write about whatever you want to write about. We will all still be here, reading it – regardless if it’s 100% about personal finance, or 1%. :)

  • Congrats on the engagement! The pictures are great!

    I’m not a blog reader, but I read yours and I really enjoy it. In fact, this is the first comment I’ve ever left on any blog. I stumbled upon your blog over a year ago when I did a search on something dealing with finances or debt. I found your blog because you talked about finances, but bookmarked it because I liked *how* you wrote about finances and also your personal back story. I think it’s fun to see how another young woman that I have no personal connection to is living her life (in a non-stalkerish kind of way of course). I think you’ve had some great ideas for dealing with finances and debt and they’ve helped me come up with my own ideas and goals. I’m married and have always wondered how your financial goals and plans would be different if you were also married – so I was kind of looking forward to finding that out. But if you decide you don’t want to talk about financial stuff as much, or not at all, I’ll probably continue reading your blog because after over a year of reading about your life, I feel like I know you and I want to see what happens next. Like others have said, do whatever makes you happy. Life is too short to worry about what other people (especially strangers) think. Good luck with the wedding planning!