My Week of Thank You Notes, Christmas, and Engagements.

I cannot remember a January that was so busy as this one is! Usually it’s the slowest, longest, coldest month of the year, but it’s already clear that 2011 will be no average year.

Any free time I’ve had this week, I’ve been writing thank you notes. My goodness did I score last week at the shower! I showed you my registry wish list and I still cannot believe all the things we got! I am storing all of the presents in our guest room closet, and this is what it looks like:

Awww yeah! I got a kitchen aid mixer! My sweet Mom and Dad gave it to me. I told them no more presents–what a generous and wonderful gift! We decided not to use any engagement, shower or wedding gifts until after we are married, unless we really need it (which unfortunately is a lot of things). I’m also sleeping in the guest bedroom… I know, it’s a little weird and traditional, but I just don’t want to act married before we’re married and want our first few months to be special to both of us.

I got a late Christmas present this week… J took me to see The Lion King on Wednesday night! We went to Tobacco Road, a local restaurant then walked next door to the DPAC. What a wonderful production! I love presents that involve doing things together and I had been looking forward to it for weeks. If anyone gets a chance to see it, do. It is so good.

Last but not least, this week has been unusual because my older sister got engaged on Sunday night! We kind of knew it was coming, but weren’t exactly sure when it would happen. My family drove to Charlotte to surprise her Monday at lunch and it was so fun celebrating with them. She is thinking about having a small wedding in May, so it could be an extremely busy spring!

This is the first weekend I’ll be at home since moving and I plan to take advantage of that with lots of cleaning, organizing and, most importantly, relaxing. Have a wonderful weekend!

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  • I was at the same show! Wasn’t it incredible?? I’d heard great things but was still kind of expecting a kiddie show, so I was just floored!

  • I like that you are not using your gifts and you are sleeping in the guest room. Some people might think it is strage, but I admire your willingness to treasure/create the experiences you want for yourself and future husband.

  • So glad you enjoyed the show.
    I think it,s a great idea not to use your gifts, it will make them seem even more special when you finally are married and do get the opportunity to use them. What a fabulous gift from Mum and Dad

  • I was in your neck of the woods on the Sunday before MLK for the Lion King. It was so great! I’d been wishing to see it for years and finally got the chance. The boyfriend and I ate at Dos Perros. Another great treat. We need one of those in Charlotte.

    Thanks for sharing!