Wedding Saving Progress (charts are back, baby!)

Last week when I shared my engagement photos¬†and mentioned that I may turn this blog into a non-PF blog, I got some concerns from readers who expressed that they would really like me to continue with my financial posts. Well, no worries, I’m not going anywhere. I may not share my net worth in all its detail anymore, but I won’t be turning this into a “This is the real MPP” anytime soon.

The truth is, ever since I moved here and got engaged, it’s been hard to write about my financial journey because frankly it’s really boring. I am the robot who, like clockwork, gets paid twice a month, automatically transfers money to the wedding account, and try my best to use what I have left. I personally don’t think it’s as fun as hard-core paying off debt (c’mon, that just was awesome), but I suppose I should approach it that way since I am hard-core paying for the wedding and trying to be as frugal and smart with the purchases.

So, in an effort to bring back ol’ MPP times, here’s a chart of my weddings savings since Day 1 of our engagement:

I started with my own $2,800 savings in order to cover some upfront costs (like the venue, which we paid soon after we got engaged). Every 1st and 15th of the month, $400 goes into the account. There’s a little more beyond the last green line with expenses left to purchase, but I’m not sure if I want to share my wedding date yet. My parents graciously paid for other things that aren’t on this chart, such as the dress, the alternations, and reception decorations. If I get any extra money, like my holiday bonus, or my dad reimbursing me for the invitations, then I enter it into the addition column. Pretty simple.

Right now I have about $4,000 left to spend to hire glorious a tipi, caterer, photographer, flowers and about $2,000 income to save. My hope is that I can break even with $2,800 left, which is what I originally took from my Emergency Fund.

So there you have it! My wedding saving chart. I also have a Wedding Budget tied to this sheet where I update how well we are doing according to our original budget. But that’s another chart for another day. :)

Any questions? Comments?

PS- If you’re curious what J is doing while I save for the wedding, he’s busy paying off his debt to his parents and helping me out with apartment expenses. Read more on how we came up with this plan.

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  • I’m happy to see the return of the charts :) I’m a long-time reader, and I’d love to exchange links if you’re willing. Best of luck with the wedding planning!

  • Looks great!! I had a small wedding, but they sure do add up fast enough! It’s great that yours isn’t going on cc’s!

    I think do whatever you want with your blog, people will read it, or not. ;) Mine is some of this and some of that. Just anything really… I figure if people want to read, they will! lol!

  • I’d still like to see your net worth and other financial posts that make this blog so great to read. Maybe you could introduce a personal life post once/twice a week depending on how much you post? Keep the focus on the finance if you please :)

    Just my two cents. After all, it is your blog, do with it what you will.