2010 Taxes are Done!

I love filing my taxes. I know, I am in the minority of those who feel that way, but I do. I love getting my W2s back and calculating all of my interest earned ($93 in case you’re wondering) and figuring out how much moolah I should get back from Uncle Sam. Sure, it’s all money I technically loaned to the government and I really should withhold more to earn interest, but I like getting money back each spring. It feels like a bonus. 

This year, after filing federal and two states, I will be getting back $1,452. I paid about $56 to file for two states, so the total gain I am getting is about $1,390. Pretty sweet eh? 

Now… what to do with this money? :)

Last year I got back $650 and the year before that I got a whomping $1,488. Both years I was super lame awesome and put both refunds towards paying off my debt. Well this year, guess what? I don’t have any debt!  (Can I get a YEEEEAAH!) 

Since my money is soon going to be our money, I asked J what he thinks we should do with it. He’s getting a few hundred back as well, so we decided we would use some of our refunds to buy a nice camera and then save the rest. We would love to buy a camera to capture our fabulous Mexican honeymoon, so will probably buy one soon after we get the refund.

Which brings me to my question for you fabulous readers: What kind of camera should we get?

We want something a little nicer than a simple point-and-shoot, but don’t want to spend more than $500 on it. Do you have a favorite camera you use? What brand is your favorite? Suggestions welcome!

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  • I have an old Canon S2IS, but the series has been discontinued. The Canon SX30IS seems to be its current replacement, and is $369 on Amazon right now.

    I love my camera, because it has some of the standard settings while also giving you the option of controlling pretty much anything you want. The zoom has gotten me pictures that my sister’s SLR can’t get (she doesn’t have a huge zoom lens) and the macro settings are phenomenal.

  • I love Canons! I have one for myself and I’m also a yearbook adviser, so I’ve used a lot of cameras. Canons are easy to use and have great quality.

  • I’m with you on enjoying doing my taxes. I have set aside tomorrow for a tax party with my dog and I. It’ll be fun times.

    I don’t know too much about cameras. I have a Nikon point-and-shoot, but I think you should check into their SLRs.

  • I’ve got a CanonEOS 40D but I shoot for money. I’d suggest a digital rebel. It’s AWESOME!

    PS where are you staying in Mexico? We’re going back there for our “real” honeymoon this summer!

  • I like to travel and I knew I wanted something more than a regular point and shoot. Last year, decided on Canon so I was between the Canon G11 and the entry level SLR (Canon EOS Rebel XS). I ended up going with the SLR, and I’m in love with this bad boy! Ask stacking pennies aboutthe G11 thats what she got.

    if u do get an SLR, you might end up more buying lenses like i have been haha..

  • I like filing taxes too. :) It depends on how much you want to spend on a camera. There are options. DSLR or point-and-shoot types. I have a Nikon D90 that I got two years ago and I absolutely love it. It was pretty pricey though so I’d suggest looking around for the best deal for how many Megapixles you want, etc.

    Best of luck!

  • if you are going to spend the money on a camera make sure you research it before you purchase it. Since you want to keep it under $500 I suggest looking at the canon point and shoot, however if you want to get into the DSLR’s then I would suggest Nikon. I prefer them over Canon and for a little over a grand you can get a base model one.

  • My boyfriend is an amateur photographer with lenses valued higher than my net worth. Course that may not say much as I’m just starting this debt freedom journey. Anywho, he has the greatest point and shoot for the times when an slr is just too bulky. It’s a Canon S95 I believe (I called him to verify but got his voicemail. I’ll update this if I find out I’m wrong.)

    It takes the most fabulous photos, can capture light when there really is none at all, can save in raw format, and so much more and it still fits into an interior blazer pocket. You should be able to get it under the $400 mark and you won’t need to spend more on a lense (or two or three). I’m really hoping to marry him just so I can become part owner. Just kidding! It is a fantastic camera though. Here’s a link to Canon’s page on it: http://www.usa.canon.com/cusa/consumer/products/cameras/digital_cameras/powershot_s95

  • I should really learn how American taxes work… I wish I got paid back tax at the end of each year! I know some people who have to file their taxes due to self employment or whatever can sometimes get a rebate… but to be honest I’m not sure why… here either you pay as you earn (paye) or pay in a lump sum in january what you owe. Nice rebate you got there tho!