My State of Limbo

Lately I’ve been anxious to be married and ready for life to slow down. I’m constantly busy, yet I feel like my life is in a state of limbo. Everything is hinging on, or waiting for, The Wedding. I’m waiting to see how much money we have leftover to buy a car. I’ve paused my 401(k) and Roth IRAs and am eager to invest again. I have a closet full of wedding gifts that are just waiting to be used. I am waiting to get a new license with my new address, but have to first wait until my name is changed. I have a list of amazing things I want to do our first year. Even this blog is in a state of limbo. I have some great ideas on ways to improve it, but really don’t have the time or energy right now. I’m so tired of J leaving at the end of the night. I’m ready for him to live here!

And yet, I feel conflicted and don’t want to rush this precious, rare time of my life. I am weeks away from my wedding–what special moments are about to happen! Never again will I live alone or have this kind of freedom. My money will turn into our money. I will soon have a partner, someone to come home to every night, to pick up the slack and help make decisions for as long as we both shall live. Soon my life will not just be mine, but will be consumed with J’s life. It’s relieving, exciting and overwhelming. I don’t mean overwhelming as in I have any doubts, I just am trying to prepare myself for the weight of these vows and the new life I will live after April.

But then again, maybe things won’t change that much and I’ve been reading too many marriage books. ;) I’ve been encouraged by the guest post submissions I’ve received–I cannot wait to share these with you! (Details here… email me your story by Friday!) I know, today’s post is kind of a ramble and I’m sure most of you are tired of hearing about my wedding… just had to share what was on my heart. I will be posting a lot more about my wedding plans, budgets and our DIY projects in the next few weeks, but promise to be back to my normal MPP posting soon enough. :)

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  • 1) not tired of hearing about it! Don’t be silly!

    2) in my experience things didn’t change a ton immediately, but things definitely change over time. It is a big deal! Since you didn’t live together (much…), you will have the extra step of learning to live in the same space, but if you are lucky (and I think you will be!) it’ll be a smooth happy transition!

    Have fun the next few weeks! Stay sane! :)

  • MPP – Not tired of hearing about your wedding plans. It is so awesome to read about such beautiful thoughts in todays world. Enjoy your engagment – life is too short. Carpe Diem!

  • Leaving Limbo is a WONDERFUL feeling! In the weeks after the wedding, I marveled at how much nothing had changed, when everything had. But mostly, I basked in the relief that all those things on my to-do list could get DONE once my name was changed legally and our money could be funneled somewhere other than place settings.

  • I was mother of the Bride last Novemebr and I remember feeling exactly the same as you in terms of waiting until after the big day to return to normal. Only in your case normal is Married.
    And no I dont get sick hearing you talk of your plans……….

  • I agree with SP – since you haven’t really lived together, I think *that* will be the biggest change.

    I just got engaged in January so am happy to read about everyone else’s plans!