Wedding Wednesday: The Colors

For the next few Wednesdays leading up to the big day, I’ll be sharing and revealing little wedding details. Today we’ll talk about The Colors.

Now, colors are the last thing I think of when I hear wedding, but that is not the case for the majority of Americans apparently. After the initial question, “When is the big day?” the next immediately following is,”So what are your wedding colors?!?!?” For example, we decided that our dress and suit had to match the banquet tablecloths and other decorations.

Ummm… pretty?

I learned quickly you had to pick a palate. I should have known, too, after years of watching Steel Magnolia and memorizing the “My colors are Blush and Bashful” speech. (Not sure what I am referring to? Go now and watch this clip. And then rent/buy/stream the whole movie and watch with a box of tissues.)

For the first few weeks I answered with “Spring!” But that answer met with confused looks, and even J was getting interrogated, so we came up with these colors: “Pink, green, a splash of yellow, and a little bit of blue. And white (for the dress, of course).” So there are my colors! Not quite the answer people were looking for, but it’s going to work. I just hope it doesn’t end up looking like a little kid’s Easter egg party. Hm.

Pink for the bridesmaids dresses:

Green for the invitations and groomsmen ties:

Yellow for the boutonnieres and flowers:

Blue for the bride’s eyes and few decoration details:

And white for the dress–not pictured to avoid giving the groom any ideas. ;) I’ll show you all in approximately eight weeks!

What do you think? What were your wedding colors? What is your favorite color combo? 

(photo credit: all from style me pretty. I will show you real pictures of how we use these colors after the wedding.)

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  • @Jessie–you should TOTALLY do it too! I am not the first to think of it either… pretty sure most engaged girls with a blog have used it, so please feel free to steal the idea. :)

  • I’m a lurker that is de-lurking because I just love weddings (got married myself in October 2010 and am still subscribed to all the wedding blogs!).

    My colors were ivory (my dress), black (bridesmaids wore cocktail length dresses), and granny apple green (groomsmen wore black suits with green ties and bridesmaids had green shawls), Love your colors – very appropriate for the season and I’m sure it won’t look too Easter-y at all!

  • I’m de-lurking too to say that I love the colors! Especially the green tie — perfect for a spring wedding :).

  • I think those colors are great for the time of year!

    For the longest time the colors I wanted were purple and green, but I’ve since changed my mind to Navy and off white. (I’m not going to have a stark white wedding dress, doesn’t look good with my skin tone) and I’d like to do accents of more fall colors, like a burnt orange and a chocolate brown. Hoping to get married in the fall. But I’ve got a few steps in front of me before getting married, the biggest being getting engaged… :-)

  • I think the colors are beautiful and will all look nicely together. I can’t wait to see photos from your wedding. I live thru everyone else since I wont be married for probably a few more years. I need to find the guy first. lol

  • Oooh, I had pretty much the same colour scheme as you! We had pretty colours for our wedding. Hehe… the bridemaids wore coral pink and the groom had on a grey suit and I was in an ivory dress. I diy’ed the flowers and table centrepieces so I had a plethora of different flowers and colours for my bouquet and each bridemaid had a different orchid bouquet. It was awesome!!