Weekend To Dos

This is one of the first weeks where I was surprised when Friday was upon me–the week went by so quickly! That must mean the long winter days of January and February have officially ended and Spring is soon to begin.

To accomplish this weekend:

  • Email ceremony musician
  • Email caterer
  • Email cake baker
  • Email officiant
  • Get shower gift for my sister
  • Finalize pictures for the slideshow
  • Get the damn wedding favors done! (The project has not been completed because of reasons beyond my control—I promise!)
  • Go to church
  • Have a wonderful time with my sister & mom (my first overnight guests!)
  • Write blog posts for next week
  • Do yoga at least once
  • Do something outdoors :: it was rainy most of the weekend, so I didn’t get a chance to do much outside

Five weeks until the wedding. Huzzah! Have a fabulous weekend!

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