Wedding Wednesday: Our Favors

For the past month I feel like every time I blog, it includes some to do list or complaint about the dreadful wedding favors. You’re probably thinking, Please stop talking about it and just get it done. Well, I am happy to say they are finally done and hopefully this is the last time I will talk about it.

I had the idea of these favors long before I was even engaged–maybe before I even met J. I had never seen it at a wedding, so I thought it would be original and awesome: A collection of family recipes from the bride and groom.

It was a simple idea, really, and never meant to become such a tedious, time-consuming project. The cookbook would be three back-and-front white sheets of paper folded under one cardstock cover (green or yellow), and bound with twine.

I started by collecting ten recipes from family members. I had most of my family’s anyway, it was just picking and choosing everyone’s favorites. Next, I collected and scanned childhood pictures. That took some time to round up, but eventually I got the ones I needed. Then it was time to format the document, get everyone’s approval, and print. I won’t go into the annoying details, but let’s just say I got to know the people at Staples very well this past week. After that, my living room was filled with 600 sheets of paper, an unraveled roll of twine and hole punches everywhere. It was quite the project but they are finally done! I just hope the guests will enjoy them.

Here is a little snapshot of two recipes from my family:

What is the coolest wedding favor you have ever gotten at a wedding? What favor do you plan, or did you have, at your wedding?

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  • I like your favours, very cute and personal. I am making soap for mine, Celtic hearts in teal to go along with our theme and colours. I have a sample picture up on my blog.

    I plan on getting lots of help with creating these favours but I can still understand how DIY favours can get overwhelming. Hope everyone else likes them as much as I do :)

  • That is really awesome. Congrats on that. My wife does something similar with pictures and calendars. She puts these pictures together and then makes calendars out of them. Neat job.

  • That’s an awesome idea for a favor! I’m sure your guests are going to love them.

    We gave our guests chocolates favors at our wedding packaged in nice lil boxes. It was perfect because it was easy and we know that the guests will eat them. :)

  • Oh my heavens, you spent a lot of time on those! They’re so cute.

    I haven’t even spent a minute on wedding favors; I’m not even sure if we’re going to have any since we may not do a sit down meal.

  • Such a sweet idea! I’m sure they’ll look fantastic and your guests will love them. At the two weddings I’ve been to the favors were chocolates wrapped up in tiny bags with intricate shapes made out of shells (both were weddings in beach locations). I’ve also seen bubble blowers (topped with little birds) used and I think they would make a sweet favor especially with a place-card tied to them with ribbon. That’s just me :)

  • That is such a cute idea! I am getting married in 2013 if all goes right and I am going to bookmark this for the date when I get closer and seriously think about favors and making them.

  • What a neat idea! I’m sure your guests will be very impressed.

    We had a candy buffet at our wedding. The “buffet” was open during cocktails while the wedding party was busy with photos. A long white table was set up with large silver bowls of fancy candies and an adorable little sign that read “Karen & Matt’s Sweet Shoppe”. We supplied candy bags and ribbon and invited our guests to make their own treat bags to take home with them.

  • Great idea! A few years ago I was in charge of putting together a family recipe book for a family reunion. It was supposed to be an easy task but ended up being quite the project! But it was totally worth it!

    At our wedding we potted various types of succulents into terra cotta pots (painted black – one of our wedding colors) and wrote each person’s name on the outside of the pot. It served as a place setting and a personalized take home gift for our guests!

  • I like it! I’d be too selfish to give away the best family recipes….so I hope you saved those in the “secret” file! My favorite “favors” were at the last wedding I attended….my friend and her now-husband have always volunteered at the local food bank (and they’re very passionate about volunteer work), so they took the money they had budgeted for favors and donated it to the food bank. At the wedding reception they had a framed letter from the food bank thanking them for their donation and saying how many pounds of food it equaled. Next to that was a note explaining what they had done. I thought it was a great idea!