The Productive Bride & Weekend To-Dos

This week I have been a to-do list animal.

I’ve written 60 non-work emails since Sunday night.

I have visited ten stores after work the last few nights. Ten.Different.Stores. After work.

I keep a notepad on my nightstand and yesterday woke up to a scribbled, “Let2Bmd” and “Tthpick closet” which I think translates to: “Don’t forget to write a letter to the bridesmaids” and “Look in the guestroom closet for the toothpicks to take home next weekend.”

I have officially entered the final stages of wedding planning and have become The Productive Bride. It’s my new job title, I’ve decided.

This weekend will be no exception. I have mixed feelings about this weekend, though. I was planning on attending a bachelorette weekend for my sister, but unfortunately my friend hosting it got the flu so we had to cancel. (Sad.) However, that means I will be home this weekend and can continue with my Productive Bride duties and get things done. (Happy.)

Here’s what I’d like to accomplish by Monday:

  • Write a letter to each of my bridesmaids
  • Go to church
  • Figure out guest book cards
  • Finalize the program
  • Get printing quote for program
  • Pick up package at apartment office
  • Help my friend move/unpack
  • Return a dress at Old Navy
  • Shop for honeymoon clothes
  • Get engagement & wedding ring re-sized
  • Email pictures for the slideshow
  • Decide on bridal portraits to order
  • Continue with the reception playlist
  • Figure out ceremony logistics
  • Play with my awesome new camera
  • Do yoga
  • Go for a run

I think that’s it. Four more weeks! :) Hope all of you have a wonderful and productive weekend!

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