March Goals Recap & April Goals

March Goals

Personal Goals:

  • Continue to workout and eat healthy Yes, I actually did!
  • Get birthday present for my two sisters and Dad
  • Have a great bachlorette weekend for my sister (unfortunately it was canceled!)
  • Go to a hockey game with J and his family
  • Cheer for Duke during March Madness
  • Stay sane… Ummm, maybe J should answer this one?

Finance Goals:

  • Come up with a strict budget plan for the month
  • Don’t spend ANY money not on the budget Okay, so I did eat out TWICE during the month, but other than that I did pretty darn well.
  • Stay strict to wedding budget

Wedding Goals:

  • Get bridal portrait printed and framed
  • Assemble the wedding favors
  • Assemble guest book cards
  • Make ipod playlist for the reception–(Finalizing it this weekend…)
  • Discuss ceremony logistics with parents
  • Create weekend schedule of events for wedding party
  • Finalize any ceremony readings/music
  • Finalize the song list for the ceremony & reception
  • Put together programs
  • Meet with officiant or email to discuss ceremony
  • Wrap bridesmaids gifts– (Will wrap these next week!)
  • Buy outfits for the honeymoon
  • Figure out who to invite to the lingerie party
  • Finalize pictures to hang at reception
  • Get frames for pictures
  • Figure out what to throw as we exit
  • Pay for dessert table –(Next week)
  • Notify vendors of the final guest count
  • Write a letter to each bridesmaid
  • Make pom-poms for the reception– (Next week)
  • Assemble out of town guest gift
  • Finalize the flower logistics
  • Make the cake topper
  • Do a mock decoration of tables to make sure it all looks good
  • Book hotel for the wedding night

April Goals:

  • Get married.


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