Meredith: Secrets to a happy marriage

MPP Note: I am currently honeymooning in Mexico! This is a scheduled guest post by Meredith for my Marriage Guest Series, while I am away. She has great advice for the wedding day… and a GORGEOUS bouquet! :) If you are a new visitor, welcome! Comments will be moderated when I return on 4/19. Enjoy!

Reid and I have been married for about a year in a half, but it really does seem like just yesterday we were dancing the night away. We were incredibly fortunate to have our friends and family there to witness our vows and celebrate alongside us. So to pick a single most memorable moment is tough. But after some deliberation I came to a single moment that has left a lasting impact on me and Reid.

In the months leading up to a wedding, advice and opinions are coming at you from every direction. But there was one piece of advice really stuck with me; “Your wedding day will fly by, so make sure to take the time to step back, and just watch. It will be the only time in your lives where everyone you love will be together in one place”. This really hit home, and I don’t know if it was because of the people traveling to be with us on our wedding day, or my Great Aunt, who at 93, would be in good enough health to attend. So when the reception was well under way, and Reid and I visited with our last table of guests, we did just what we were told. We sat on the fireplace hearth with a view of the whole room, and watched. And what we saw made us laugh and warmed our hearts. At this point in time, the entire room was taken up by everyone (and I mean everyone!) in a conga line, dancing along to the beat. It was silly (conga line?) but to see everyone you love, some who didn’t even know each other, embracing the moment and truly enjoy themselves, was touching.

That person was right, the day did fly by, but I have them to thank for one of the most memorable moments that is burned into my memory. It’s so easy to get caught up in the moment, and if you’re headed down the aisle soon, I hope you do. But be sure to take some time, step back, and take it all in. All those people who love and care about you so, will never all be together, to celebrate in that way.

So when the wedding day has past, the flowers have wilted, and the cake top lays melted in the back of your Dad’s car (a whole other story!) you’ll be happy to have that memory of everyone you love, all together, and celebrating right there with you.


(photo credit: Jenifer Morris Photography)

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