Dani: Secrets to a Happy Marriage

MPP Note: I am currently honeymooning in Mexico! This is a scheduled guest post by Dani at OKDani.com and Healthy Wealthy Wahm for my Marriage Guest Series, while I am out.  I don’t know what she’s talking about–she was gorgeous and looked nothing like a drag-show extra. :) If you are a new visitors, comments will be moderated when I return on 4/19. Enjoy!

John and I were married on October 9, 2010.  We are newlyweds and loving it!

Our wedding was non-traditional.  We got married in the Valley of Fire in Nevada, about an hour or so outside of the famed Vegas Strip.  I’m sad to say that some of the most memorable bits of our wedding day were horrendous: The makeup artist and hair stylist making me look like an extra in a drag show. The 4 car pile-up on the highway that made us over an hour late to our ceremony. The wedding crashers (it’s very noticeable when the entire wedding only consists of 8 people!). The photographer not showing up to the ceremony!

Outside of these unfortunate events, some wonderful things stick out to me, including the officiant looking like Elvis (I secretly wanted to be married by elvis but my hubby said no…I lucked out!!), my husband tearing up as we read our vows to each other, and sneaking peeks throughout the day at my husband only to find him sneaking peeks at me. I felt such an immense feeling of peace, joy, safety and love surrounding me throughout the ceremony and afterward.

We had a kooky day, but it was the day I married my best friend.  It was one of the happiest days of my life and I wouldn’t trade any of it for the world.

In my newlywed opinion, the secret to a happy marriage is communication and connectivity and remembering to play.  We are on opposite schedules so staying connected for us is checking in throughout the day via text or email, and on those rare days when we’re home at the same time, being sure to snuggle and talk and be close.

Having fun is something my husband and I both value very much.  We make each other laugh daily and are always being silly with each other.  With all the heavy things we have to deal with outside the home, and the tedious things inside like keeping house and handling finances, it’s great to just cut loose and just play!  I love having a soft and fun place to land after dealing with the “hard” world.

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