Have a Lovely Weekend!

Greetings my sweet readers! Did you watch the royal wedding this morning? I didn’t wake up early, but I have spent the entire morning re-watching the processional, the service, the regal kiss, the fashion. Swoon! Secretly I wish I were British so I could wear hats to weddings. Perhaps I should just start to rock them here in the States? They make such a statement.

My apologies for being a bit MIA this week. I have been enjoying the first few days of marriage, which includes adjusting to our new routines, and I still have yet to find the best “blogging routine.” So far, though, it’s been so much fun and I absolutely love being married.

This weekend we are going out of town to attend a play that my aunt is directing. It is jump-starting a month of busy weekends… in fact the next free weekend I have is June 11th. Oyi! I’ll be back online fulltime next week and will be posting a recap of the wedding festivities. I cannot wait to share these photos will you!

Have a lovely weekend! :)


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  • Oyi?

    I’m familiar with the jewish oy, or the punk oi, but not this hybrid oyi!

    I like it, I just wonder if you have a definition for it.