April Recap & May Goals

April Goals:

  • Get married

May Goals:

  • Be the best matron of honor ever.
  • Make a batch of homemade ice cream.
  • Buy a new used car.
  • Finish The Help and figure out what book to read next.
  • Finalize our married budget.
  • Start growing herbs in a window box.
  • Figure out decorations for our living room.
  • Give away 10% to charity.
  • Organize this blog, for reals.

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  • @Stephanie — I think I’ll make strawberry ice cream, since they are in season. My favorite homemade ice cream is peach, but I’ll wait until the summer to make that delicious dessert. :)

  • My mother has a whole garden in the front window of our house. She grows basil, rosemary, thyme and mint. She has successfully grown three (yup, I said three) strawberries and one red bell pepper. Be careful though, all those plants definitely attracted the conga line of ants we have running around in the front part of our house.