The Week before the Wedding

The few days before my wedding were the happiest. Tuesday was my last day of work, and I went straight to the airport to pick up my best friend who flew for the week to help with all of the details. We spent the evening catching up over margaritas and the next morning decided spontaneously to get a 30-minute massage before heading to my hometown.

Back when we were deciding our wedding date, I chose April 9th because I thought this tree would be in bloom and could be used for reception decorations. I literally squealed when I pulled up to my house and saw the tree.

We spent Wednesday and Thursday running errands, arranging flower bouquets, and picking up supplies for the wedding. However, each evening we stopped the wedding to-dos and gathered in the kitchen to make a big dinner. We stayed at the table hours after we had finished eating and those moments with my family are some of my favorite.

Friday morning my aunt hosted a bridesmaids luncheon for me, my bridesmaids, and all of the aunts and girl cousins from both sides of our family. It was so special to see J’s extended family meet mine and then hear roars of laughter ten minutes later as if these women were life-long friends.

The luncheon food was delicious and decadent, and the official end to my bridal bootcamp diet. (Which, by the way, I reached my goal wedding weight! But that’s another post for another day.) Isn’t this such a sweet china pattern?


The rehearsal dinner was absolutely perfect.

After a wonderful rehearsal dinner, my maids of honor decorated our back porch and threw me a lingerie shower with my bridesmaids and cousins. It was the perfect way to spend my last night legally single.

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  • The tree is absolutely amazing! Your pictures are gorgeous. I can only hope that my future wedding will be this pretty. :)

  • I couldn’t help but notice our mighty Mountaineer, Mr. Yosef himself! I’m an Appalachian grad myself! Your photos conjure up feelings of love and familial intimacy that I wish for everyone. I’m so glad your days leading up to the wedding were great. I pray that your marriage is infinitely better.

  • @ Pam & Sholanda–Yes! J and I both graduated from Appalachian State. :) Isn’t that Yosef cake awesome?!

  • What amazing photos! And those miniature chair tealight holders…..LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!