No Rest for the Weary

I’ve sat down approximately twelve times in the past few days to write a post for this week. I started to write a post about the wedding, but I don’t have the energy to share all the fabulous details yet, so I deleted it. I started to write about our new car, but then I feel guilty for buying a new car three weeks into our marriage (even though we desperately needed it), so I deleted it. I started to write about our joint checking account, but this month is such a terrible reflection our budget as we are out of town for every weekend, so I deleted it.

So this is what you get: a mediocre post on how inadequate this blog makes me feel.

In all honesty, I am just plain exhausted. As soon as I felt semi-recovered from being The Bride, my sister got married this past weekend and now I find myself recovering from as The Matron of Honor. And we still have three weddings, one conference, and two weeks of guests in our apartment from now until July. But it’s all good things, and that’s why I’m frustrated with being so tired all the time. I wish I had more energy for all of these fun festivities! You would think a whole week on a Mexican honeymoon would do it, but of course the entire day of travel back to the States wore me out and left me back at square one.

I’m also frustrated with this blog. I need to do so many things to give it a boost, like change the layout, organize the categories, and for goodness sake update that About page! Perhaps I’ll have the time this summer? Maybe.

Thankfully tonight J and I have absolutely nothing–the first time all week–and we plan to do nothing but eat leftovers, watch hours of TV and go to bed early. One of my favorite sites is little things and Tuesday’s post may have been one of my favorites:

That’s exactly what I plan to do in six hours and counting.

Hope you all have a fabulous Thursday. Thank you for your patience as I (attempt) to gain my energy back. :)

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  • Give yourself time to get used to being a Mrs. We will still be here.. Although I cant wait to hear all your Wedding news.

  • I’ve been feeling the same way. Life has just been go go go that I’ve had no time to blog about it and then when I actually sit down to do it, I don’t want to. lol
    enjoy the busy lifestyle right now, just take it alll in.

  • This post might have turned out better than any of the other posts, because this is a raw reflection of what your going through this week. We can all relate to those moments and feelings, and your ability to express that makes a difference in our lives. Thank you.