June Goals & May Recap

May Goals:

  • Be the best matron of honor ever.
  • Make a batch of homemade ice cream. Mmm strawberry!
  • Buy a new used car.
  • Finish The Help and figure out what book to read next. Currently reading House Rules
  • Finalize our married budget.
  • Start growing herbs in a window box.
  • Figure out decorations for our living room.
  • Give away 10% to charity. [Sadly, did not meet this goal]
  • Organize this blog, for reals. [Still have a ways to go…]

June Goals:

  • Make more homemade ice cream.
  • Give J an amazing birthday.
  • Celebrate Father’s Day with my dad.
  • Stay within budget.
  • Blog on my apartment decorations.
  • Blog about the wedding.
  • Give away 10% to charity.
  • Make at least three new recipes.
  • Hike at least two trails on the Umstead State Park

What are your goals this month?

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  • Homeade ice cream is SO good! What type of ice cream maker do you have? And do you recommend it? I plan to buy one this summer!

  • Awesome goals

    Mine are simple: leave work at work, work hard everyday, be a good mommy, be a good girlfriend, spend some time alone to reset and get to bed on time!

  • These are great goals…I so need to write down my goals on a monthly basis! There’s a lot I can learn from your blog!

  • I haven’t blogged in a long time. Head in the sand type of situation and I really need to start back up again!

    My goals:
    1. Organize our paper clutter
    2. Balance checking account
    3. Set up a budget
    4. Plan a dinner party at our house

  • You did great on your goals for May. I have never made ice cream, although I would really like to.

    My main goals for June are do an assesment for the course I am doing, organise my blogs a little more and finalise the publicity plan with my publisher for my upcoming book. I have been procrastinating a lot on all of these things! lol.