I’m in town this weekend!!!

It is exactly nine weeks after we got married, and this is the very first weekend where we are home and have absolutely nothing planned. I am not exaggerating—J and I have been on the go since we said I do. We’ve honeymooned, attended three weddings, one wedding announcement party, one family weekend trip, and two weekends home where we had to work, attend a conference, or entertain out of town guests. It feels so nice not to have to spend money on gas, live out of a suitcase for days at a time, and actually have the opportunity to relax. However, this won’t be a “just the two of us” weekend yet, since J’s best friend is staying with us for two weeks. But his presence here won’t interrupt my relaxing weekend since he’s more of a brother to us both and doesn’t require any entertaining from yours truly. :)

So here’s a little list of things I’d like to accomplish in my first free weekend:
– go to the pool
– go to church
– eat some delicious homemade bbq (currently simmering in the crockpot at home!)
– walk/run/hike outside
– drop off items to donate at goodwill
– watch nba finals game
– cook a yummy breakfast
– keep the apartment clean
– relax!

Has anyone else been on the go this spring? What are your plans for the weekend?

(Photo taken by J on our honeymoon–ahh, to be on the sandy beaches of Cancun again!)

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  • You guys sound like you’ve been busy since your wedding! Have a good relaxing weekend! I’m spending with my family out town without the hubby, first time since we’ve been married and I miss him but dealing with it:-) that picture reminds me of my honeymoon! Sigh:-)

  • I’m also reaching the end of my first do-nothing weekend nothing in 5 weeks (sidenote: where do you get your energy?) and I am enjoying every moment of it.

    My big accomplishments:
    – Hosting friends on Friday night for a very relaxing & fun patio party
    – Selling more of my Eye Candy’s old bachelor-pad furniture on Craigslist
    – Enjoying a 8km run along the Lachine Rapids
    – Finally getting my biked tuned up for the summer season
    – Picking up my library books

    and best guilty confession
    – Catching up on 6 hours of The Bachelorette

    I love do-nothing weekends too!