Sweet Summertime

It’s Friday, finally! It’s been a long, busy week at work, yet it feels like I haven’t had a real post on here in a while. And weekly money check-ups don’t really count since they’re scheduled and semi pre-written.

I’m blaming my laziness on the sweet summer peak we are in. I love June. It gets unbearably hot in July, August and September, but it’s manageable in June because we still have the memory of cold days not far behind us. I love putting on my sunglasses when I drive home because there are still hours of daylight left.

It’s been ten weeks since our wedding, and already marriage feels so right and natural. I have never felt so at home as I do living with J. Or at least, it feels more like home than any place I’ve lived since graduating high school and moving out of my childhood house. It’s just so fun creating a life with someone you love.

This weekend I am playing hostess for two friends in town, then Sunday heading to wish my dad a happy Father’s day. In the meantime, I plan to relax, make some delicious margaritas and fish tacos (yum!), and enjoy this hot June weather.

Have a wonderful weekend, everyone!

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