Our Wedding: Getting Ready

The morning of the wedding was a flutter of excitement and jitters as I woke up to my two sisters, new sister in-law, and two best friends. I am not fond of being the center of attention, but everyone was so accommodating and I loved getting our hair done that morning on my parent’s back porch drinking coffee.

Here are a few photos from getting ready:

I bought my dress from David’s Bridal for $499 (remember?), and I loved it. It was long, flowy gown and would swish every time I walked. One guest at the reception asked me if it was a vintage dress! (No, but thank you!)

I chose to wear my hair up after I left because I have naturally thick, wavy hair and given any chance of humidity, it has  a life of its own and may not have looked as pretty as I would have wanted. You curly-haired girls know what I’m talking about.

J wore a khaki suit with a green tie to match our wedding colors. The groomsmen wore khakis with a white shirt, and they all looked so sharp.

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