Our Wedding: The Reception

Like I mentioned yesterday, once the click hit 2:00, the afternoon was a whirlwind. After the ceremony, our guests entered the tent for light h’ordorves while the wedding party spent what seemed like forever taking photos.

My cousin’s wife made all of the sweets on the dessert table. My mom made the flags and the adorable cake-toppers. It was the best cake I have ever tasted. Even two months after the wedding, I’m still getting compliments from guests on the desserts.

My mom works at a high school and volunteered their band to play jazz music during the reception. I wasn’t so keen on the idea, since “pep-rally music” is not my idea of a classy reception. Well, I learned quickly this is not your average high school band. They were amazing and I still can’t believe we were able to provide such high-class jazz music for free!

Our “guest table” included our guest book for people to sign, childhood photos hanging on twine, and favors for guests to take home. (We created a mini cookbook of family recipes as our favor.)

This table featured old photos from our parents and grandparents’ wedding. Long time readers may remember this story, but my grandmother introduced J’s parents 35 years ago, and their photo is featured in front from the 1930’s.

I’ve never heard of a wedding that didn’t have something go wrong. That something at our wedding was the weather–it was cold. Like, unusually cold for April in North Carolina. I didn’t mind so much since I was running on adrenaline and was beyond thankful that it didn’t rain during the ceremony. But everyone else seemed to be uncomfortable in the 45-degree weather, so after dancing, eating cake, and chatting it up with friends and families, our reception ended shorter than planned so we could have a “grand exit” that actually included people.*

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*Yes, if you’re wondering, I was filming our grand exit with a flip-cam. That video is pretty awesome

All photos taken by Alively Photography

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  • The photos are beautiful and you look gorgeous on your wedding day!! Everything looks lovely – the dessert table, the guest booka nd those photos!!


  • Beautiful pictures and such wonderful ideas, especially the pictures of everyone’s weddings…love that.

    I went back and read about your FIL and MIL being introduced by your grandmother. Such a great story…it’s so amazing when stuff like that happens. We had something similar happen to us too. My dad was widowed young, married my step-mother, who was also widowed young. We found out that my late mother and her late husband went to highschool together…same year and everything. So bizarre and wonderful at the same time. Thank you for sharing that lovely story!