Our Wedding: Final Thoughts

The entire weekend was surreal. As so many recommended, I tried to take it all in and savor each moment. And there were so many:

Hearing memorable toasts at our rehearsal dinner.

Waking up the morning of my wedding day with my sisters.

Opening a sweet card from J that made me cry and a pink playstation remote that made me laugh.

Waiting with my dad in the bridal suite moments before getting married.

Walking up the aisle with J and hearing his first married words to me: “I’ve missed you.”

Seeing friends that flew miles away to make it to the wedding.

Running to the getaway car covered in bubbles and flower petals.

Driving to Raleigh in my wedding dress reminiscing about the past few hours.


The entire week was magical, and I am so thankful to share it with you all this week. Thank you for all of the comments and sweet compliments! I was so nervous about sharing these photos, so your comments mean so much to me.

Whew, there you have it! My wedding weekend recap is officially finished. Now, on to the honeymoon recap posts… :)

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