My Procrastination To Do List

The other evening I was feeling a little bit stressed, but could not pinpoint the reason why. The dishes were done, the apartment was in order, my work for the day was complete, and my to do list was looking lovely with each items crossed off.

And then it dawned on me: I have been putting off hidden things. Things that don’t make the Daily To Do lists. Things that are on my Do in the Near Future list, but since there is no deadline, near future is merely a vague term that turns into never.

So! In an effort to maintain the peace within, I made a list of every little thing that I have been putting off:

Why do I always procrastinate on scheduling doctor appointments? After all, this is my health we are talking about. I suppose it’s fact that I have to take hours off of work and there is no pressing need. It was so much easier when my parents would just tell me when my appointments were and I wasn’t in control of making them myself. Other items I have avoided involve errands, like getting an oil change, going to the post office, picking out pictures and frames, or getting keys made. I also have been meaning to join a small group at church and organize closet clutter, but just keep pushing it off.

Well, I’m tired of having these small tasks burden me. My goal is to have all of these items completed or at least in progress this time next month. Since making this list, I have already scheduled my doctor and dentist appointments, printed off an oil change coupon, and emailed someone in the church about getting plugged in.  I am already feeling better. :)

What appointments and tasks have you been putting off? Does anyone else have a similar problem?

PS–Sorry for the ugly picture! Also, you may notice I used my old “Wedding To Do List” notepad… thank goodness wedding planning is behind us! Which reminds me, there would be a lot more things to add to the list if I hadn’t been prompt on returning wedding gifts, sending thank you notes, and getting all of the wedding items wrapped up as soon as we got back from our honeymoon. :)

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  • Hahaha I have been putting off returning books to the library, deep cleaning our washroom and the entryway door. Plus quite a few cut but unsewn dresses which were supposed to be summer dresses and organizing all the greeting cards I have saved throughout the years.

    Now I know why even after meeting all my goals for everyday I felt so restless. :)

  • Yes. These things are the bane of my existence. This month I want to (before vacation in 2.5 weeks!) get a haircut, get my eyebrows done, mani-ped, and a dentist and doctor. Priorities will likely dictate only the personal grooming ones make the cut!

  • In general I am not a procrastinator. I get things done. But I do see that when I am very busy a lot of little things slide…my hidden to do list as you’ve called it. These things stress me out until they are done.

  • Ha! I have a whole spreadsheet! I’ve been trying to knock out projects one by one this summer. So far, I’ve gotten like three things done. But they were big things, so…

  • Looks like I am not the only one who struggles with this! I like Marty’s suggestion of a spreadsheet. Although I’m afraid it would always be a working document and never be complete. But alas, that’s life I suppose!