Vintage Village

Saturday J and I ventured to Vintage Village, a cute little collection of antique shops in North Raleigh. july 2011 040

This was the first time I had been, and I cannot believe I have lived in Raleigh a whole year without knowing about this place!july 2011 018

Each shop had so many things. My favorite shop was SuzAnna’s Antiques, where each booth had so many unique items. july 2011 019

I love children’s books. One day when I have kids, I think it would be fun to have old vintage books filling up a bookcase.
july 2011 022

I like this vintage pelican ad, but have no idea where I would put it in our apartment:july 2011 023

I love this old red table. I need a table at the entry of our apartment, but this was a little too wide.
july 2011 027

I know this chair is rusted, but I love the blue/brown color combo and it reminds me of a chair my grandfather used to sit in for hours tending to his garden. Also, this wooden birdhouse would be lovely in a garden.
july 2011 008 july 2011 030

july 2011 028

Outside there was a section of old shutters and doors. I have thought about using a window shutter for showcasing pictures or notes, but I didn’t buy anything Saturday.
july 2011 002

Looking back, I wish I had bought this colorful picture:
july 2011 035

What some call junk, others call treasure! I ended up not buying anything, but I am so happy to have found this little antique haven! Perhaps after assessing my apartment, I can make a wish list of vintage things I’d like to buy.
july 2011 043

 Do you enjoy antique shopping? Is vintage decorating your style, or do you see it as a bunch of junk? I’d love to hear!

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  • Maybe before your birthday we can go there and pick something you like! Looks like a wonderful find. Thanks for sharing.

  • I love Antique stores but there doesn’t seem to be a lot near to where I live but if I travel 20 miles northeast there’s a ton of them. I just can’t seem to talk hubby into going that far up north!

  • That place looks awesome! I wish more antique places where more like that . . . seems like a lot of places near me are glorified thrift stores. I love the vintage look and I think you can find some great treasures when you take the time to really look for the gems!

  • I love the vintage look! Especially vintage dishes, pottery, vases, and cookware. I’ve never gotten into buying vintage furniture but I admire people who can see the vision in a chair or table and make it work in their living space!

  • My dad used to buy and sell antiques a lot when i was growing up. He still does every now and then but nothing like he did before. I grew up learning about the past through my dads antiques. I also learnt how to “haggle”. My dad taught me great lessons in bargining
    Now as an adult i love looking around and shopping at antique stores. You can find the best stuff

  • This looks like my dream come true. Our wedding was filled to the brim with vintage wonderfulness and so is our home. I can’t wait to one day have a home filled with more vintage and less IKEA. : O )