Have a restful weekend!

Happy Friday everyone! First off, thank you SO much for all of the comments and notes from my Wednesday post! I was so nervous about sharing personal information, but you guys sure make it easy with so many sweet and thoughtful comments. Thank you. :)

Since J and I unexpectedly bought a car earlier this month, our budget is tight until our next paycheck. In other words, we will probably have a lame, low-key weekend ahead of us. It doesn’t help that the highs this weekend are 100+degrees! That’s too hot even for the pool. But my plan is to get lots of things done around the apartment and try to entertain ourselves without spending any money.

Here is my little weekend to do list:

  • Get oil changed (I know, this has been on my list for the last three weeks)
  • Deep clean the apartment
  • Watch The King’s Speech on netflix
  • Go to church
  • Cook something new without buying extra ingredients I made Chicken Romano, a dish out of my inlaw’s family cookbook
  • Finish the third book of The Hunger Games series
  • Maybe rearrange the guestroom?
  • Do laundry
  • Practice yoga
  • Schedule a few blog posts for next week
  • Relax :)

Have a restful and wonderful weekend, everyone!

ps- Happy Birthday to my fabulous mother today! I cannot wait to celebrate next weekend. :)

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  • Laundry and reading are always on my weekend list. You will like Mockingjay. It is pretty good.

    SPOILER ALERT for those who hasn’t read book 2 of the Hunger Games. Didn’t you feel the horror in the second book when Katniss realized she was going back into the arena)

    Have a great weekend!

  • @Vicki: YES!!! Oh, so awful! I am about 20% into Mockingjay, so I’m pretty sure I will be able to finish it this weekend. What a great series.

  • Does baking count as something new? I’m current waiting on my 53 calorie brownies to finish. I saw this recipe while catching up on Dr. Oz and found it online – don’t let the black beans fool you, it tastes delicious! It’s the second time I’m making them this week as my Eye Candy continues to gobble them up. The best part is that most are pantry items (substitute 3 eggs for egg substitue, 3/4 tbls of coffee grinds for espresso and voila). Have a great weekend!


  • @Rosie–Oh wow, I have never heard of black beans as a substitute! Ha, I may just have to try that this weekend. Thanks for the recommendation! :)