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A few weeks ago, I opened a Pinterest account and since then have been slightly obsessed. It is such an ingenious way of saving images you like across the web! I have seen so many clever decorating ideas and it has inspired me to tackle some of the rooms in our apartment that need a little lift.

I have wanted to share photos of our apartment on this blog for months now, but I hesitate because I want to wait until the room looks perfect. There’s always something I want to change. Like our kitchen needs curtains. Our bedroom needs something over the bed. Our living room needs pictures on the wall. Don’t even get me started on the guestroom—it’s a bit of a disaster!

It’s like inviting people over. I always feel like our house needs to be in the best possible condition before having friends over, when really, they don’t really care if I have art on the walls or not. When I go to people’s homes, usually I am more comfortable in a non-perfect apartment than a pristine one because it reminds me of home.

So starting next week, I will put away my pride and begin to show you photos of our apartment. After all, if I wait until my apartment looks like it belongs in a magazine, you’ll probably never see them. :)

In the meantime, here are some of my favorite inspirations for projects or decorations I hope to tackle:


Color scheme for organizing the office.

rag rug

Make a rag rug out of old sheets.


Use an old window pane (from Vintage Village) and put pictures or fabric behind it for over the bed.


Transform JoAnn’s cardboard letters using yarn. The only thing I’m unsure about is what to say. We have a Love poster in our kitchen (pics to come!), so any other word ideas?


Decorate using old fabric and embroidery hoops.

What decorating projects have you been working on or waiting to start? Are you on Pinterest? If so, let’s become friends. :)

(Photo credits: bookshelf, rag rug, window frame, yarn letters, fabric hoops, pompom necklace

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