Have an adventurous weekend!

Hello readers and happy Friday!

My weekly challenge of not spending any money until today (payday!) was semi successful. The only thing we bought was gas for J’s car, but that is sort of a necessity to get to work and back. :) Other than that, we packed our lunches, made meals at home, avoided certain sales, and were very cautious of our spending. Huzzah!

This weekend J and I are going to my parents’ house for a family “staycation.” Since none of us have the money or the vacation days for a week-long summer trip, we decided to dedicate one weekend to all get together. We’re calling it the Mardo Staycation (Mardo is a combination of my parents’ names) and I’m so excited. My parents have emailed packing lists, paired everyone up for meals, and even have a surprise adventure planned for us on Saturday. It feels like summer camp, but for adults and way more fun.*

What plans do you have this weekend? Hope it’s a great one! See you on Monday!

*PS- Did you go to summer camp growing up? I have friends who grew up going to the same camp for years. I went a few summers but it wasn’t for me. I’m usually not a big fan of “organized fun,” plus I have a serious phobia of granddaddy long legs and they had lots at my camp. Shudder.

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