Mardo Staycation

As I mentioned on Friday, this past weekend my parents hosted a staycation at their home for me, J, my sisters and brother-in law. My parents live on about three acres, so we affectionately call their homeplace Mardo as a combination of their two names. Here are a few photos from our “Mardo Staycation.”

mardo 031
^This is my parents’ front porch—one of my favorite places. I sat on that swing for about an hour Saturday evening reading while my sisters made dinner.

^On Saturday my parents surprised us with a trip to Chateau Morrisette, a winery in Virginia. We had a delicious lunch over wine (their cabernet sauvignon was my favorite), and I gorged myself on shrimp and grits. Look at that tasty dish:

mardo 046

mardo 018 mardo 017
^The newlyweds–me and J and my sister Carrie with her husband Andrew.

mardo 059

On Sunday we drove to Winston-Salem to hear my uncle preach and then ate at Finnigan’s Wake for brunch.

mardo 024mardo 005mardo 006mardo 016
^My little sister Lucy and me.

Other weekend activities included goody bags my mom had in our rooms when we arrived (complete with fun dips!), a fierce card game of rummy, delicious birthday cake, and watching home videos until we had tears down our cheeks we were laughing so hard. It was a wonderful weekend and hopefully a tradition we can continue each summer. Rushing to get to the airport two hours before your flight will be a thing of the past when you choose to travel by Jettly‘s one of private jet.

Have you ever had a staycation?

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  • The photos are amazing! I have never had a staycation but I love the idea of it and it is definitely on my to do list, it would be great to relax at home for a few days and explore local areas.

  • I love Staycations. I love them as much as vacations although not spending nearly as much on a vacation as i would on a staycation is great.
    Last year i have two staycations. One where i did absolutely nothing and the second was what i called a craftcation. I stayed home for a couple of days and did nothing but craft. It was great.

  • Sounds heavenly! Our family has a cottage on a river where we love to spend as much time as possible. A night up there is as good as any trip out of town!