My Friday Evening in Asheville

When my mother in-law and I arrived in Asheville, we went straight to the Biltmore Estate. Unfortunately the house was closed (sad!) but that did not stop us from enjoying the beautiful grounds.

asheville 003asheville 015

We sauntered around the Antler Hill Village and Winery, listening to live jazz and enjoying a glass of wine.

asheville 007asheville 025

There was a field of sunflowers near the parking lot and it immediately reminded me of my sister Carrie. She would have squealed at the sight had she been there, so these pictures are for her.  Aren’t they beautiful?

asheville 027asheville 032

Afterwards, we met up with one my MIL’s friends who lives there and ventured downtown. We passed by the Drum Circle, which is a Friday evening tradition where Ashevillians get together in Pritchard Park to drum and dance in impressive rhythm. It was very liberating seeing so many people dance without care to the music.

asheville 046

Then we walked around the fun streets and decided to eat at Laughing Seed, a vegetarian cafe. We each ordered unique appetizers to share.

asheville 060asheville 064

After dinner, we went to a rooftop bar, called the Flatiron Building, and enjoyed the cool mountain breeze. It was so nice to not be humid for once this summer!

asheville 068

To close our evening on a sweet note, we indulged a decadent chocolate raspberry cheesecake and decaf coffee in a bakery at the bottom of the building.

asheville 072

When I came home, I declared to J that I wanted to move to Asheville and uproot all of our friends to join us.

Have you ever been to Asheville? What is your favorite thing to do there?

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  • I have been to Asheville. I attended college in the south five years ago and visited this lovely town once or twice during that time. My favorite thing was to have a coffee and pastry into an old world-style cafe. Your post makes me want to go back and explore! It was already on my list since I have yet to tour the Biltmore, but now it goes up that wishlist! Thanks!

  • You’ve captured some beautiful photos. Ashville looks like a great place to be but I haven’t had a chance to visit, yet!

  • wow wow wow! What beautiful pictures!! And what a great experience.. I need to go there! I’ve never even heard of Asheville…