Being Grateful

It’s been one of those weeks–and it’s only Wednesday! The kind of week where nothing terrible has occurred, but the days are long and the stresses of life seem big. On days like today, I have to consciously remind myself of all that I am grateful for, that there are bigger things in life than a bad day or a negative mood. Things like good health, happy friends, cool(er) weather approaching, and the hope of a relaxing weekend ahead.

What are you grateful for today?

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  • I am grateful for:
    1. new beginnings
    2. ability to communicate
    3. forgiveness
    4. new days
    5. hope
    6. relationships
    7. good health
    8. a body that can move
    9. when bucked off I can get back on
    10. life is a journey

  • I am grateful that my friends and family are safe after last week’s flooding. I am grateful that they have a place to sleep and food to eat and that so many people have come together to help strangers in such a time of need.

    I am grateful that I have found my boyfriend who when shit gets to be too much for me, he will literally take something out of my hands to finish or fix. He doesn’t know it, but in many ways, he’s saved me.

    I am grateful that we found an assisted living facility for my grandmother to live in as she slides further into Alzheimers and that it is close to family.

    I am grateful for my friends that I’ve discovered through blogging and that I had the guts to leave a higher paying job to a lower stress one so I would have the time to meet them.

    I am grateful to be alive and for my job(s), family and friends.