Have a lovely weekend.

After a crazy week of house guests, busy evenings, and mixed emotions, I greet this relaxing, stress-free weekend with open arms. Thank you to all for being so sweet on my promotion! I’m so excited about the new opportunity and challenges it will bring. This weekend I am home, which is refreshing after two fun weekends out of town. Here’s a little weekend list of things I’d like to accomplish:

– Get my hair trimmed
– Clean apartment back to the pristine condition J had it last week when I arrived home
– Go to see The Help
– Write a few blog posts for next week
– Finish reading Rules of Civility
– Get the Mazda inspected
– Get crafty and make something!
– Cook an actual meal (yes, it’s been a long time) Made this.
– Return a few things at Target
– Workout two times
– Relax and enjoy the summer heat (since I know I will miss it in just a few months!)

Have a lovely summer weekend, everyone!

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