Fall Fashion Wish List

Autumn is coming soon—I can feel it in the air! One of the best parts of having a September birthday is getting to put fall fashion on my wish list. And boy do I have a lot of things on that list! Here are a few items I wouldn’t mind owning to embrace the cooler weather. (Ahem – J, are you reading this?:)

Satchel bag.

Poncho sweater.

Riding boots.

A cozy, chic scarf.

French Quarter for your Thoughts — OPI nail polish. I would also love to try this metallic gold nail polish from Beach Toes™ by Sambora®.

Ash Canvas TOMS (or do I want the wedges?)

Mustard-colored cardigan.

What is on your fall fashion wish list?

(bag, TOMS, poncho, riding boots, scarf, cardigan, nail polish)

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  • Essentially everything on your wish list is on mine as well! I also want a silk button down shirt (still haven’t gotten around to that), some gray pumps and a red sheath dress.

    Hope J’s reading!

  • I LOVE those boots! I was just looking at riding boots this morning at DSW but they were all $100!! I can’t believe those are only $45…now i just need to find a coupon code…

  • I love the poncho, the OPI nail polish & the riding boots! Also on my list: more pendant & statement necklaces. Btw, I have the Tom wedges and I rarely wear them bc they are SO TIGHT and near impossible to break in :( Go for the flats!

  • I have those Toms, and they’re the most comfortable shoes I’ve ever owned. I live in a heavily-pedestrian city, so comfy shoes are a must, and those take the cake (and look adorable!)

  • Slouchy sweater. Replacement Toms (mine are getting worn out – i think i’ll get the same ash grey again!).

    A watch – but i cannot decide on the style yet. Another necklace or two. That’s it… for now!