Happy First Day of Fall!

Today is the first day of my favorite season. There’s such an energy in autumn. Football games, apple picking, festivals, TV premieres, and the chance to wear scarves and boots again. What a great time of year. In fact, J and I originally wanted to get married October 8th (as in, two weeks from tomorrow, six months after our actual wedding date, and 14 months after we got engaged!) just because I wanted to get married in the fall. But alas, Reason and Sense won that battle and I am thankful to embrace this season as a married lady and not as a stressed-out bride.

I hope you all have a fabulous first autumn weekend! :)

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  • I’m getting married on October 8, 2011! I love fall as well and I can’t wait to see all the fall colors in our wedding photos.

  • Lea, that’s awesome!! Congratulations! Enjoy these next three weeks, they will be some of the most wonderful moments! :) (And I’m secretly jealous of your fall wedding pictures–what fun!!)