Irregardless Cafe Cooking Class

J and I got some awesome wedding gifts when we got married. A lot of them we needed (like linens and cookware), others we wanted (kitchen aid mixer!) and some of them we thought would be fun to add to our registery (like this cake pan and these cookie cutters). But there was one gift that was not on our registry that we were so excited to receive: A cooking class at the Irregardless Café!

A few of my DC friends gave us this gift, and we finally got around to using it a couple of weeks ago. It was a Tuesday evening, so we arrived slightly late after work, but as soon as we entered the restaurant, we were given glasses of wine, serenaded by lovely live music and immediately I forgot that it was a weeknight. There were a few others in the class, so we all went into the kitchen and learned the history of the restaurant and Chef Auther’s philosophy on food.

The first dish we made the chef named Vegan Sex—quinoa tabbouleh in between avocado slices and sweet potato wedges dripped with a lemon vinaigrette sauce. Sounds like a gross combination, eh? Well, it was absolutely delicious. I almost wished I hadn’t offered to share with J because Mr. Vegan-Food-Is-Weird thought it was wonderful too. Then we made homemade lasagna noodles, and while the experience was great, I think I will continue to buy them pre-made. :) After learning a few kitchen tricks and enjoying a baba ghannouj appetizer, we went back to the dining room and had a lovely dinner of salad, vegetable lasagna, and an assortment of delicious desserts.

Of course I was more interested in eating the food than taking any pictures of it, so this is the only photo I took from the evening. However, I met another blogger in the area who took more pics, so check out her more detailed post. (Hi Jessica!)

It was such a great experience and probably something we never would have done together if we hadn’t received it as a gift. Thanks to my fabulous DC friends for a wonderful evening!

Have you ever been to a cooking class? What is the most unique gift you have received or given?

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