Have a fabulous weekend!

It’s getting chillier and I can’t get enough of the bright blue sky against the changing leaves. This weekend my plan is to find the perfect oversize sweater, update the blog a bit, crochet a granny square (just one perfect square, that’s all I ask), and start on some Christmas shopping. What are you up to?

Last week I neglected to update on my Happy Pounds (oops, sorry!), but here is this past week’s recap:

-Fitness: Went for a 3-mile run Sunday afternoon, did weights Tuesday morning, yoga Wednesday, and taking walks at lunch. I still want to get in the routine of running more in the mornings, but my goodness is it dark when I wake up!

-Diet: Aside from the Halloween candy that has magically appeared (and thus disappeared) in our office, I have been doing pretty well. I am not counting my calories as strict as I used to, but I try to make a conscious effort to get a little more fruit and veggies in each meal.

-This Week’s Win: My pants aren’t quite as tight as they used to be. Win!

Hope you all have a fabulous autumny* weekend!

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*Yes, autumny is a word. Remember? :)

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