Happy Halloween!

Holidays make me nostalgic and I find myself remembering how I celebrated it when I was little. My dad used to hate Halloween and would give us lectures about how it’s a holiday that “celebrates evil.” I thought that was so silly. To me, Halloween was holiday solely for playing pretend – which was my absolute favorite pastime. Having three girls who loved playing dress up, my dad would eventually always give in and agree to take us trick or treating with our neighbors while my mom would stay at home and hand out candy. Those dark, chilly evenings were so much fun. We would all show off our cute outfits to our friends and laugh as we went house to house trying to get the people to guess what we were.

Here’s a picture of my Halloween costume this year. Can you guess who I am? :)

Are you dressing up tonight or did you dress up this weekend? Please share your costume in the comments, or link up to your blog. I’d love to see some pictures!

Have a wonderful and safe Halloween!

*Hint: I’m so excited! ‘m so excited! I’m so… scared!

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