Things I have Learned #1

 I am starting a new series called “Things I have Learned.” It’s going to be a very random series of me sharing very random things I have learned, and in no particular order. Enjoy!

Put a pinch of cayenne pepper in your birdseed and squirrels will stay away.

J and I live in an apartment and we wanted to bring some wildlife to our third-floor balcony. By wildlife, we meant birds, not the whole forest of woody creatures. But day three of our wildlife experiment, the birdfeeder was empty and there was a blanket of birdseed on our balcony floor. We thought maybe we just had hungry birds until we saw a squirrel hanging upside down from our bird feeder. I should have known–my mom taught me that you should never underestimate the trickery of squirrels.

We looked it up and found that a pinch of cayenne pepper will keep the squirrels away but keep the birds coming. Who knew? So far it’s been working and we have nothing but chipper birds and spiteful squirrels. :)

^photo of our patio, taken this morning… isn’t it a beautiful sea of yellow trees? :)

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