Have a happy weekend.

Woohoo! It’s Friday! J has today off for Veteran’s Day, so I decided to take a vacation day and deem it a Lazy Day. So far I’ve woken up late (8:00 is late these days), enjoyed two large cups of coffee, pinned some stuff on Pinterest, and watched the Today Show in my sweatpants. It’s fabulous. I may get dressed and join society later, but make no promises.

Health/Fitness Update: I actually have something to report this week! I went for a hike, did yoga, went for a run, and lifted weights. As for my diet… meh. It’s the evening snacking that needs to go (and leftover Halloween candy).

Here are some links for you to browse this fine Friday:

Enjoy your weekend!


*Photo of the WWII memorial, taken in 2008. Happy Veteran’s Day to everyone who served and is currently serving for our country!

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