Christmas Trees: Real or Fake?

Being as it is our first Christmas, we have to decide whether to get a real or fake Christmas tree. I was making a pro and con list and thought I’d raise the question on here. What did you grow up with? What do you own now? What is the biggest factor for deciding against real or fake? Please vote and leave comments on your preference!

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37 days until Christmas!

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  • I prefer a real tree, but the BF and I are going to buy a fake one this year. I’m sad about this, but they dogs like to drink the tree water, and that’s extremely unhealthy for them, so we are forced to get a fake one.

  • Me and my BF have a fake tree, for a couple of reasons
    1. We don’t have the room in our appartment for a real tree
    2. We got a really good deal on fake tree which we store in our storage locker and don’t have to buy another one year after year.
    3. It give my BF allergies
    4. We don’t have to worry about the tree dying tree half way through the season and the mess it can cause..

    We love our fake little tree. Its the perfect size for our appartment. I admit i do love fake trees and perhaps when i have a bigger place and kids to appreciate it i will. Until then we stick with our fake

  • I prefer a real tree, but am allergic to pine trees :(
    I also have a great friend that is allowed a real tree in her house, so she lends me her artificial one and we decorate that

  • We’ll have a real tree because for us, they’re free, and as a result, my husband will come home with a tree that is a) too tall for our ceiling and b) much too wide for our living room. It’s fun, really. :)

  • We live in an apartment so we’re technically not allowed to have real pine trees because they’re a fire hazard. But P is adamant about having a real tree. So we got a Norfolk pine tree, a little Charlie Brown-esque tree that can sit on a side table and that we can still decorate with little ornaments. For now it’s a good compromise.