DIY Ornaments: Wedding Invitation Ornament

I discovered Pinterest four months too late. What a time saver it would have been planning a wedding! I could have had hundreds of images pinned in organized boards for every part of the wedding planning process: engagement, dresses, ceremony, reception, honeymoon. But alas, I had to plan that event the old fashion way — internet searching and blog hopping. It’s a tough world I tell ya. If you are still not sure with outfit to wear check out and choose the one that matches your style the most.

But since I didn’t have the option to organize wedding images, at least I can use clever Pinterest ideas to create memories after the wedding. Like, for example, our first Christmas.

I saw this tutorial for a homemade ornament using a wedding invitation. All you have to do is cut up the invitation, wrap the strips around a pen, and fit it in an ornament. Easy peasy. Instead of filling the ornament with tightly curled strips (like the Pinterest example), I decided to line the bottom of the ornament with each strip so that you could read parts of the invitation, instead of having it balled up together in the middle.

november 005

I made one for myself, one for each of our parents to give them on Thanksgiving, and one for my sister and brother in-law, since this is also their first Christmas. Good thing I ordered more invitations than we needed! I love the way Carrie’s ornament turned out:

november 019

Voila! Such an easy DIY project! You could also use any kind of invitation — engagement party, baby shower, baby announcement, graduation, etc. And the best part is it only cost me $.50 for the whole thing. :)

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