DIY Ornament: Wedding Newspaper

Wedding weekends are rather crazy. It’s a flurry of old friends and family in town, errands to run, outfits to coordinate, and tons of details that culminate into a beautiful event. Our wedding weekend was no different — we had six bridesmaids staying at my parents’ three bedroom house, flowers lining our basement floor, and all of us scrambling to get ready for the little events throughout the weekend that led up to the ceremony and reception.

Naturally, some unimportant things get overlooked in the hustle and bustle. One thing I thought got overlooked was getting a newspaper of our wedding day. I wanted it for remembering the day and possibly using it for crafts later. It wasn’t a big deal, but when we returned from our honeymoon I was overjoyed to find a newspaper waiting for us in our apartment full of wedding gifts. Thankfully, amidst the craziness of the weekend,my in-laws remembered to get a newspaper at the hotel where they stayed. If you want to relax from your wedding planning, you may want to hire one of these wedding packages in belize.

A few weeks ago I decided to use the newspaper into making an ornament.

First, I made my own mod podge glue and it was very simple to make. Just pour a bottle of school glue into a glass (I used an empty salsa jar), and then fill it halfway with water (or one-third, depending on the size of the jar/glue), and then shake it up. You can click here to read about how strong the glue is and how resourceful it is while fixing up any kinds of repairs present in and around the house.

november 013

Next I bought a cardboard “N” at Michaels for about a $1 and started cutting out sections of the newspaper to paste on the letter. I made sure to cut things that would date the ornament: stocks from the day, the weather (that’s right, “Carolinas: Showers”), President Obama, and what happened in sports that weekend. I first pasted the backside, and then covered the front. Next I layered the ornament with mod podge and let it dry. The last step is to find a ribbon and hang it on your beautiful tree!

thanksgiving 101

Voila! A keepsake ornament we’ll be able to enjoy and reminisce for Christmases to come. This would also make a cute idea using newspaper for a baby’s birthday. The best part is, I have a lot of newspaper left for future crafts. Any other wedding newspaper ideas you can think of? :)

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